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Latest Artworks

April 17, 2023

Shock Waves

30" x 40" Oil on Canvas

New piece from a Moonscape last Fall. It was conceived at the same time as "Cloud Waves", and finally taking shape on a canvas. Right canvas the start with composition and shapes, and left finished in Oil. I think......


April 2 , 2023

Snow on the Wetland - Progress

24" x 20" Oil on Canvas

Finally some measurable snow this year! The Wetland across from our property was pristine following the storm. Left sets the darks, lights and composition, middle, building that cold winter blue, left building details and colour! More to come. Sometimes these smaller paintings take more time and attention to contrast within composition building than the larger ones!


November 15, 2022

"Standing Alone/Fenced In" - More details

Oil on Canvas 40 x 30

From a field close to the Mill after a winter storm. Building the snow on the limbs and branches on the tree. More layers to come. The tree seemed so dominant and confident, dominating its surroundings. Quite an inspiration in an uncertain world.


September 24, 2022 - Final February 2023!

"Light Waves"

30 x 30 Oil on Canvas

From the same day as Cloud Waves, now at Sunset. One specific day can absolutely have the most defined lighting!

 Bottom photo, first layers, Middle photo, more finishing layers building the waves in the light , Top photo,  the Tree in my initial reference finally makes it to the canvas. Henry. From Charleston Sideroad! Final touches with the building of flight, and some refining in the foreground. What a show Henry enjoyed!

July 30​, 2022

"Cloud Waves" - Update September 5, 2022- Accepted CFS Juried Exhibition

48 x 36 Oil in Canvas​​

Unbelievable cloud formation from a storm in June.  

Top image is the first stage of blocking in shapes with darks and lights, the bottom is the current progression with refinements and softening of the light 

September 24, 2022

A Summer Day

10 x 10, Oil on Canvas

A perfect Summer day this year.  From a farmer's field on the way to the Alton Mill 

June 2022

"Skipping Stones, Shaw's Creek 2021" 

30 x 36 Oil on Canvas

Finally Done!

September 6, 2021

"Guelph Lake, Summer 2020"

32 x 60 Oil on Canvas

This sky has been giving me a run for the money! Beautiful sunset from the Summer of 2020.  This was just when things started to really feel like we were at the end of the fallout from COVID 19. Certainly did not turn out to be the case.

August​ 1 ,2021

"The Summer of 2020"

 30 x 40 Oil on Canvas

Companion to the Fall of 2020. This is an entirely different sideroad. It was from my first drive home from the Studio when were allowed to reopen in the Summer of 2020. 

Accepted to the Beaux-Arts Brampton Fine Art Juried Exhibiton- January 2022

June 14,2021

20/20 Vision II 

30 x 40 Oil on Canvas

The Beginning of an idea for an exhibit coming in October at the Falls Gallery. The Collection will be from 2020, but focusing on a play on the numbers of the year, rather than the difficulties all of us have endured. All works will be based on places and thoughts from 2020 that depict a personal solitary moment. This is from a complicated cloud formation, spliced between a calm upper sky and a simple treeline. The conflict. 

February 22, 2021

"The Fall of 2020"  36 x 60

​After quite a long pause, I am back at the Studio for the sole purpose of creating artwork. This piece is coming along nicely, almost done?? It is from the most perfect Fall day last October on Kennedy Road in Caledon.

September 20, 2020

The Spring of 2020

A favourite spot from my morning walk. There are green herons fe​eding in this part daily, which have increased the intrigue. Not completely finished with more refinement to the trees and emphasis on the blue sky that filters through in patches on the water, but I am happy with the general glow. It was the first spot I visited when the solitary walks of lockdowns began.

30 x 40 Oil on Canvas

July 25, 2020

Self Isolation

Think that about sums it up!!

36 x 48

Oil on Canvas


December 8, 2019

Back to the Easel!!!

Colour returns in this first piece after Grey Matters..

This tree trunk was lit up like it was embers in a fire. The sunset hitting the last bit of the horizon, cast up the final light, bathing the entire woods in a glow similar to a forest fire.

Burning Embers

20 x 36, Oil on Canvas


July 1, 2019

Grey Matter XI

Both Major and smaller details have disappeared and the fog is closing in. The beautiful light remains, and there is a regal peace.

48 x 36 Oil on Canvas

June 16, 2019

Grey Matter IX

The Partner to Grey Matter VIII. Now we are in the woods completely.


June 9, 2019

Grey Matter VII- Dementia Series

Loosing even more details, while the beautiful light remains.

This piece will fit counter clockwise to number VI when the exhibit is hung. I have chose to hang the pieces this way, to further emphasize way the disease moves time "backwards". It removes their recent life, and takes them back to an earlier time.

48 x 36. Oil on Canvas

May 27, 2019

Grey Matter VI- Dementia Series

Working my way up and down that same road. The main subjects now are starting to breakdown, while the back ground is fighting over focus and clarity.

48 x 36, Oil on Canvas

March 25, 2019

Into the Woods (working title)

A section of woods from the same road. Working backwards in the loss of detail, as the beautiful light is maintained.

The dementia series is starting to take shape now. I have ideas for all 12 canvases. Not that this will not evolve as I paint.. but, I always need a starting point to create size and shape of canvases, along with how to progress the idea.

36 x 36, Oil on Canvas  SOLD

January 27, 2019

An Intricate Fog (current working title)

Accepted BAB Juried Exhibition March 2019

From my special spot on Mountainview Road in Caledon that has inspired so many artworks. The vegetation is slowly being consumed by the dense fog caused by a sudden warm up over the snow. The cast shadow is a lovely moment in the mystery.

48 x 36, Oil on Canvas  SOLD