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Grey Matter

Selected artworks only on exhibit in Studio 204

for a specific piece, please contact me to ensure availability in Studio

This collection releases the highly emotional experience of Dementia. Twelve canvases, visualize the progression of the disease, as information in the form of details are randomly lost. Grey scale is used exclusively to metaphorically depict the human brain, "Grey Matter", and to literally wash the colour out of the memory. Despite all of this, the colour and the details may fade, but the beautiful light is always present.

Minimal paint is used, often "wiped off" to create so the "holes" in the memory.

Dementia is not linear. Janet has isolated the collection into groups of two or three canvases that relate directly to each other. The loss and the reappearance of detail is more pronounced in this relationship.

Composition is used to tell the larger picture of the disease.

Janet takes you all over the road in the first five artworks. It starts off swinging to the left, then down the centre, then off to the right and then back to the centre. And then suddenly, and permanently it disappears. Leaves appear, disappear. A fence in the beginning, disconnects and disappears. Fog is seen in all the works, off in the distance, in the woods behind the main focus and obscuring details.

In the next four pieces, the woods that has lurked in the background fog, becomes the foreground. And it is in that very foreground, as the sixth and seven connect, that you see the loss of detail/memory. Somewhere in the woods, the horizon shifts and disconnects from the eighth work to the ninth.

The tenth and eleventh works show a resurface of detail, and in an immediate decline, the fog closes in.

In the final piece, you are in the woods, in the fog, with only a wisp of clarity.

Janet stays true to her initial statement throughout the entire collection. Beautiful light, a calm, almost serene feeling in each artwork.

She has proven to herself, and to all who view it, details do not matter.

The essence of beautiful light shines through it all.

The Collection has been painted as her artistic interpretation of her mother, Penny Simmons.

Penny is currently doing well in a memory care facility with her three daughters visiting every enjoy her beautiful light.

Pictured: "Mom's visit with her two favourites of the Collection!"

The Collection

An Approaching Fog I, II III - SOLD October 14, 2019

SOLD August 1 2021

SOLD September 1, 2021

Alton Mill Arts Centre- October 10, 2019:

Samantha Routledge Janet Simmons Sweet the show looks amazing. Such deep calmness to come from the confusion. I have enjoyed watching as the individual pieces evolved. Now we can see the bigger picture. Thank you for sharing this very personal journey with the world in such a lovely way

Studio artist Janet Simmons Sweet has been busy at work on her monochrome series “Grey Matter,” depicting the progression of Dementia across 12 canvases. Janet describes the series as uplifting, saying that “although the colour and the details may fade, beautiful light is always present.” This moving collection of artwork will be on display in the Falls Gallery from October 9 - November 3, 2019. Stop by studio 204 to see the works in progress for yourself