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20/20 Vision

Selections in Studio 204

This limited Collection represents six significant points in time during the first year of COVID-19

"First Light"  -  the first walk taken in early Spring after the initial lockdowns in Ontario

"The Crest"  -  the first drive home from the Studio in July after the Alton Mill  Arts Centre was reopened

"Summer's End" - the end of August when life was set to return to the norm

"Social Distancing"  - the end of October when it was obvious that cases were rising, and restrictions were on the way

"Looming"   -  Late Fall when the Mill is closed again

"The Storm in the Calm" -  the exact same sunset with the cloud completely broken down

Selections from The Collection

First Light  ​30 x 40  $1,200

The Crest - 40 x 30  $1,200

Social Distancing  ​60 x 36  $3,000