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My artwork is an evolution of Romanticism and Impressionism. The two eras changed art by injectin​g emotion, into what otherwise would be a simple landscape. How this was accomplished with dramatic lighting, atmospheric mood, and fluid movement would become my goal in completed artworks. It gave me the opportunity to work through, release, and even escape, my own emotion. The relationship built with the canvas and on the canvas. This is often used in a contemporary context, with multiple canvases used to explore one idea, emotion, crisis.

"Light Transforms the Mundane to the Spectacular"

Studio 204

Alton Mill Arts Centre,

1402 Queen St

Alton (Caledon) Ontario

L7K 0C3

GTA (Toronto)

Janet Simmons Sweet is a full time, award winning Artist working exclusively in oil on canvas. Her home base is Studio 204, Alton Mill Arts Centre, 12 months of the year. She is also an exhibiting Artist throughout the GTA in Public, Membership, and Private Galleries. Artworks found on the "Currently for Sale" page are often divided between her Studio and an offsite Gallery. Due to this element of her art, although she may be found by chance in Studio, an appointment is recommended to both ensure artworks of interest are in the Studio, and Janet will be on site to make them available for viewing. Please use the Contact page for this purpose.

To expand on Janet's artworks for sale, biography, and exhibition history please explore the other pages of this website!

The following are samples of her work selected by noted Jurors and exhibited in Galleries throughout the GTA

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Comments or questions, please feel free to contact me!